Quality cleaning services have never been more important. We are all aware of the value of having
a clean, sanitary environment for our health. At The Cleaning Authority, we also know
your time is limited.

House cleaning

You might start with good intentions, but chaos and clutter can sneak up on you. You may not even notice it until it’s a severe problem. Fortunately, there are hundreds of housekeeping blogs that can teach you the ins and outs of cleaning and decluttering. The best cleaning blogs will even show you how to apply your skills to other aspects of your life, including your business.

Office Cleaning

When potential clients visit your office, they want to know that you care about and take pride in your business. And the first measure of this is the cleanliness of your office, your staff and clients. Contact us today and watch your business take off with our higher standard of clean.

Outsource Cleaning

Ensuring your facilities are regularly cleaned is a priority, but who should perform this task. There are two options: hire employees to clean or outsource the cleaning to a professional cleaning service.
When running a business, there are so many considerations. In-house cleaning is a task that is unrelated to the usual business model and operations.

Airbnb Cleaning

We understand you’re a busy property owner, likely managing several homes in the area. Now is the time to let our team, with over 40 years of cleaning experience, take care of all your cleaning and organizing needs for your Airbnb rental home. Being a host is a lot of work, and our rental cleaners can help you and your guests enjoy the experience.

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